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City of Boulder City, Nevada - Home of the Hoover Dam

Embracing Technology
by: Ned J. Shamo, Electruc Utility Administrator

For a number of years I had been concerned that the electrical system maps that we had in Boulder City, left much to be desired. 

We had a mapping system that had been started when the town was first built in the 1930s; the United States Government built the town to serve as the construction camp for Hoover Dam, and they had developed a pretty good set of maps, and were fairly good at keeping them current. However, over time, the maps got further and further out of date and sporadic attempts to bring them up to date were usually met with only limited success.

We had made a couple of attempts to start a mapping program using our own personnel, but kept getting bogged down due to our own inexperience with unfamiliar software. Our new employee explained the system that Nevada Power had adopted and encouraged us to take a look at it. We made contact with Bruce Seidel of JCMB. He visited with us and introduced us to JCMB. He said that they were interested in getting into the small utility market, and felt that they could provide the service that we were seeking at an affordable price.

Today we are much more comfortable knowing that we now have a map of our entire system that is probably at least 95% accurate.

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