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Operation FUSION   
Sierra Pacific Power Company

Technology that Improves Distribution Operations

More and more utilities are investing in major applications (Mobile Computing, Outage Management and Automated Mapping & Facilities Management) in order to improve operational efficiencies.   However, in many cases, the utility selects complex systems that offer plenty of functionality yet they overlook one major factor—Data.  

Often utilities are not aware of the importance of Data integrity and mapping accuracy, until their project is well underway. Without proper connectivity, Data and maps, any investment in these systems cannot realize its full potential.

Sierra Pacific Power Company understands this concept well. Sierra has lived through a failed mapping project (which attempted to implement highly complex and functional systems). 
After that attempt, Sierra revisited their strategy.
This started with a mapping project”, explained Joe Pellissier, Sierra Pacific’s GIS and Distribution Technology Manager. 

“We realized we had a tool to centralize all this Data so we could share more information with each other.  FUSION is a company-wide application used for the day-to-day operations necessary for keeping the lights on and the gas flowing”.

Sierra looked for a simple mapping system whose single focus was mapping a distribution network including a complete connectivity model and device attributes. Sierra selected Adele, from JCMB Technology. 

With Adele, Sierra was able to produce a solid, connected Distribution Network Model. Sierra Pacific mapped the entire electric, gas and water service territories. They now have a centralized Distribution Network Model for all facility Data that has become the foundation for more complex system applications and functionality.

Sierra realizes that Data is the core on which all else is built...and that’s exactly what they did, in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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Operation FUSION, Technology that Improves Distribution Operations.



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