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Fusion Maintenance Management

Hundreds of field maintenance and inspection tasks are performed daily. These tasks generate equipment information that must be captured in the Distribution Network Model for future activity management, reporting and network analysis.

A typical GIS installation forces utility users to enter this data via a GIS user interface that has not been optimized for raw data entry. GIS user interfaces are spatially oriented, complex and require significant user training yet the majority of Equipment data that needs to be maintained, is in fact, raw tabular entry (usually entered by clerical staff).

Faced with having to train clerical staff on full GIS systems, most utility companies choose to support this information in simple databases or spreadsheets that are not at all synchronized with GIS. The result is two separate data sources that often conflict or are not up-to-date.


Equipment Life Cycle

In working with utility customers, we have seen that most often, Data pertaining to their distribution assets (such as street lights, poles, night guards) are maintained within various applications or Databases. Unfortunately, this Data is not often integrated with the Distribution Network Model.

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Network viewer

Fusion Viewer render spatial data from spatial RDBMS. It's configurable symbology with complex sub-part symbol allows you to visualize map in a way you never seen before.
You can automatic load or manual load/unload maps, which permit fast rendering when zooming and paning.
It can draw most of popular format such as dxf-dwg file.

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Reporting is a module that let you write, share and run queries on your data to either validate it or let you know the overall state of your network. The results can be displayed in a viewer, a tabular grid, a browser or exported in other data formats to view them externally.

As an example, here is a short list of what kind of information Reporting could let you discover:

  • Asset management information
  • Spatial analysis
  • Taxation purposes
  • Bill of materials for construction
  • More...

Fusion being based on Oracle Spatial, you have access to all the Oracle spatial functions to analyse your data.

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Fusion Mobile

FUSION JOBS, JCMB’s Open Business System, is a real-time field crew dispatch application built on Microsoft®.NET technology. Using a wireless messaging system, field crews can be notified of scheduled and unscheduled fieldwork directly in their vehicles. FUSION JOBS also provides an up-to-the-minute activity status, detailed fieldwork reporting and it enables crews to perform on-site redlining with GPS accuracy.

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