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JCMB DataPort

Using the connectivity centric functions of Fusion, the DataPort module is used to create sophisticated interfaces to and from different connectivity data models. It excels at implementing automated rules that transform GIS facility objects into fully operable network model

What is a DataPort™ ?

A DataPort is an intelligent Data Sharing Module that interfaces between two or more databases. The intelligence behind the DataPort is that it allows for complex Data Enhancement Rules to be systematically applied to the Data streaming through it. This technique is based on standard ETL (Extract Transform and Load) concepts but is specifically designed to handle Data exchange for utilities focused on Data Intelligence.

DataPort Technology delivers corrected Data – for OMS

GIS systems and their unique Data Models are not usually configured to deliver Data that meets the stringent requirements imposed by fault-intolerant Outage Management Systems. Perfect connectivity and circuits loaded with operable complex device configurations are rarely modeled in traditional GIS – the DataPort “bridges the gap”.
Data Enhancement Examples: GIS to OMS

Data enhancement rules examples
  Top: Adding bypass switches to Reclosers (not usually modeled in GIS – but required by operators)  
  Middle: Generate internal components of a complex device (operators need to operate any switchable device)
  Bottom: Adding elbows to padmount transformers (elbows not usually part of a GIS Data Model)

One-Way or Bidirectional DataPort Technology enables intelligent Data Sharing between various enterprise systems including: AM/FM/GIS, Work Management, Engineering Analysis, Outage Management, CIS, DSCADA, Design/Construction and Equipment Life Cycle Databases.

As a Data Sharing tool, the DataPort can be configured to generate Web-Ready documents for Intranet or Internet posting.

What are the Benefits of Using a DataPort?

  .net technology allows the DataPort to scale to system demands and new application requirements.

Improved Productivity
   DataPort Technology eliminates manual Data correction cycles.

Increased Automation
   DataPort automation makes use of the latest scheduling and mobile notification technology – “DataPort text messaging”.

Improved Data Integrity
   The DataPort features a visualization and test window that allows users to examine and validate the Data prior to committing it to the target system.


GIS interface

GIS data is often use as the primary data set for asset management. As such, different utility departments depend on it. Engineering and Operation not only need good maps, they also need a fully connected network model to perform there tasks.

While spatial-ETL is a good tool to export maps, the offered functionality is not sufficient when time comes to export an Electrical, Gaz or Water network that is fully connected. JCMB provide a Connectivity-ETL, where the connection between features is centric to the application.

JCMB has developped GIS interfaces with ESRI, GE-Smallworld, Intergraph G-Tech, Mapinfo, Autodesk and other home-grown applications.

OMS interface

While industry standards such as Multi Speak, IEEE, EPRI and OGC are constantly enhanced to enable easy interoperability, most interfaces to OMS use non-standard input file format. Differences between GIS and OMS models required the implementation of Data Enhancement Rules to reach the data requirement of OMS functionality. For instance, the addition of elbows for pad-mount transformers or by-pass switches for reclosers are mandatory to properly operate an OMS model.

JCMB has developed OMS interfaces with CGI-PragmaLine, Oracle-Centricity, ABB-CADOPS, GE-PowerOn and other home-grown OMS applications.

Engineering and Design Tools interface

Engineering interfaces required to extract, improve and push back the network information to the GIS. If a GIS user can avoid to remap all the work performed by engineers, a considerable amount of time will be saved, as well as eliminating the risk of introducing errors to the GIS data while replicating the changes from the engineers. JCMB has worked with utilities to create efficient business processes and interfaces that meet these requirements.

JCMB has developped interfaces with Autodesk-AUD, Itron-LDPRO, CYME-CymeDist, SynerGEE-Stoner and other network analysis software.

CIS and ERP interface

CIS and ERP are key information systems for utilities. Integration between GIS and these systems is vital for the efficiency of the enterprise.

JCMB has developed interfaces with Banner, SAP and with other home-grown systems.


JCMB offer expertise and experience to utilities with their Enterprise Service Bus implementation. Out team has extensive knowledge of industry specification standards which allow us to assist our system integrator partners in this type of project.




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