FUSIONä Theme Editor

What is the Theme Editor?

Theme Editor is a Fusion™ plug-in that enables the user community to define thematic views of the Fusion database content, based on the needs of each user group. Defined thematic views are available to be used with all Fusion plug-ins installed on any given Fusion workstation. 

Why a Theme Editor?

For many utility companies, the GIS database contains information for about everything that can be found in the field (detailed landbase, distribution network features, vegetation information, customer information, etc.), but most of the time, only a subset of this massive quantity of information is needed by the GIS data users.

A view theme allows users to access only the GIS information they need, and the way they want to see it. Generally speaking, there is not point for someone to look at the entire GIS database content if that person is using only a small portion of it.

How does it work?

The Theme Editor is a tool used to defined ‘display conditions’ that will be applied by a Fusion Viewer (or the Printing plug-in) to Fusion database displayable information. Display conditions can be defined for each feature class defined in a Fusion metadata model.

It is possible to define display conditions based on attribute values, feature relationships and connectivity characteristics. For each defined display condition, it is possible to assign display specifications. These display specifications tell the Fusion Viewer what graphical representation, color, line style, scale, and font type to use when showing information of Fusion features.

Looking at a Fusion database content through two different view themes. On the left viewer, a complete distribution network showing secondary features and annotations. On the right viewer, the same data without secondary or annotation, and colored by circuit..

What are the Benefits of Using Theme Editor?