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FUSION NA—Network Analysis

What is NA?

NA is a PL-SQL based Fusion™ plug-in that allows a user to perform sophisticated data analysis based on the connected models stored in a Fusion™ database. The Network Analysis plug-in uses the Fusion™ connectivity model and the metadata definition of Fusion™ features to retrieve chains of connected objects from a given type of network (Electric, Gas, Water, Civil Structures or Landbase).

Why NA?

Public utility companies often have specific needs when tracing their connected networks. An Electric utility will perform network traces based on phasing information, while a Gas utility might want to trace its distribution network based on pipe size, pipe material or even network pressure

Used with the Fusion™ Viewer plug-in, it is possible to highlight the graphical representation of the Fusion™ features found by the Network Analysis plug-in.

The Fusion™ Network Analysis is a very efficient interactive tool to confirm proper connectivity for any type of networks.

Highlighted trace results (yellow and purple) identifying a de-energized section (light blue and red).

What applications can NA be used in?

The Fusion™ Network Analysis plug-in is designed to work with many Fusion™ plug-ins. This ability opens endless possibilities for Fusion database content utilization and maintenance.

When used with the Fusion™ QUE plug-in (reporting), complex data queries based on a connectivity trace result can be defined. For instance, a tabular or graphical report identifying all class 2 poles not inspected since a given data, and attached to conductors fed by a specific circuit breaker can be build and used by inspectors or maintenance crews.

NA can also be used with the Fusion™ Network Editor to perform attribute value updates based on a connectivity trace result. The update of an inspection date on the cathodic protection of a gas network section can be performed in a single operation when these two plug-ins are used together.

Because the Fusion™ Network Analysis plug-in is based on PL_SQL, it can also be used by any non-Fusion applications that need to use Fusion™ network feature information from a connectivity trace result. 

Highlights include:

  • Efficient tool to certify network connectivity based on specific network characteristics, such as phasing or pressure.
  • Can be used with other Fusion™ plug-ins to create complex data reports or to perform enhanced data edition functions.
  • Ability to use Network Analysis results with external 3rd party applications.



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