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LineView—One-Line Schematic Generator

What is LineView?

LineView is a .NET™ based application that traces the connectivity database and captures entity components of a circuit to produce a variety of different “line views” according to a user-configurable “View Theme”.

The diagrams can be filtered to remove unwanted entities from the result. A LineView theme library will hold the different views configured and saved by the user. LineView can be used to generate schematics from a wide range of GIS databases using the FUSION DataPort as a connectivity interface.


LineView Examples:

The LineView Geographic Theme on the left displays all facilities and annotation including secondary, customer meters and streetlights.



The Theme on the right is a de-cluttered view to prep data for transformer load analysis.




This LineView Theme is a schematic view with customer counts by phase displayed on circuit breakers.


Similar themes can be easily configured and saved by operators who have an interest in viewing the three-phase backbone and switchable devices.



How does it work?

The user is prompted to choose a starting point in the network. LineView then launches a connectivity trace through all channels and devices connected downstream from that starting point all the way out to an open elbow, an open tie switch or the end of the line. To visualize what is connected beyond these open points the user can choose to continue the trace “beyond the open point”. This feature is used to show the feeder(s) that join at a tie point for example.

LineView can be re-run on-demand to refresh the schematic view after circuit corrections or switching operations change the connectivity or attribution in the database. 

Why LineView?

In working with our utility customers, it has become obvious to us that clearly visualizing the Distribution Network improves Data conversion/correction, operations and maintenance.

In congested areas and for extended circuits, the results become complex to analyze. LineView can display cables colored-by-phase with line styles indicating overhead or underground. Phase discrepancies become obvious to the users allowing them to easily spot errors and take corrective action.


JCMB developed LineView to provide a one-line schematic visualization of circuits and feeders. The result allows an operator or a mapping/QC technician to visualize circuits in congested areas and circuits spanning long distances in a simplified and uncluttered view.







Highlights include:

  • Users have the ability to analyze distribution circuits based on a connectivity trace.
  • Results are displayed according to a configurable collection of View Themes.
  • Phase, de-energized entities, parallel loops and missing attribute data are easily displayed on screen.
  • All LineView schematics can be saved or printed for file sharing or archiving.
  • Switching affects of temporary restoration and load transfers can be predicted and visualized.
  • Circuit tie switches can be quickly located and identified.
  • LineView allows for simultaneous multiple views of the geographic and schematic drawings.



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