QUE—Data Mining/Report Generating Tool

What is QUE?

QUE is a report-generating Fusion™ plug-in developed specifically for the utilities industry. It allows users to query and exploit the dataset captured within any JCMB software and/or any other database.

Figure 1. A QUE query returns graphical results with blue arrows pointing to the devices in question. The information retrieved can be made available to different departments within an organization as DOC, XLS or HTML documents.

Why QUE?

QUE’s ease-of-use enables users, from various departments, to quickly query and retrieve database information.  This information can be used to build maps or graphical reports – automatically. The information retrieved is displayed on-screen in tabular format with options to display graphical results as well.

What does it do?

QUE retrieves information that can be used for a multitude of reporting and analysis purposes—asset management information, outage management system (OMS) reports, bill of materials for construction, data validation and correction. Moreover, users can combine the results of multiple queries and build color-based thematic maps without programming.

Highlights include: