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Fusion Advanced Printing

PrintGrid is a .NET™ based Fusion™ plug-in that allows you to generate hard copies of the geographic information stored in a Fusion data model.

Why PrintGrid?

This plug-in was designed to simplify the process of generating paper maps based on a static sheet layout and user-defined sheet layout. With the ability to save multiple definitions of sheet layouts (static or user-defined), a PrintGrid user can launch printing tasks for hard copies (from one sheet to complete map books) in seconds.

Fusion environment with PrintGrid wizard activated for a paper maps printing task

How does it work?

The power and flexibility of PrintGrid resides in its ability to use Fusion View Theme definitions to produce user group specific paper maps. By doing so, PrintGrid can generate paper maps with different symbol libraries, colors and displayed annotations, independently of the standard GIS feature display specifications.

When the Fusion environment is used as a geographical data center (through Fusion DataPorts), PrintGrid is able to generate consolidated paper maps that combines source data from multiple geographic data sources.

Key features

  • A single printing environment for multiple geographical data sources.
  • Ability to generate different thematic paper maps using the same source data.
  • Ability to store multiple user-defined or static sheet layouts.
  • Ability to print multiple paper maps through batch processes.



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