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Service Overview

Data Services

JCMB Technology believes that quality data must be at the core of the GIS. For this reason, we offers a broad range of data services from the creation of the data to its validation.

  • Data Conversion (Electric, Gas, Water and Telecommunication network)
  • Transmission and Distribution network
  • Data Preparation and GIS Strategy (GIS upgrade, migration, etc.)
  • Data Conflation, Data Realignment
  • Quality Assurance on Previously Converted Data
  • Data validation and certification
  • Work Order Backlog Elimination and Posting Service
  • Field Survey data integration
  • Automated Mapping Standards Documentation
  • Distribution Network Maintenance Service Program
  • Off-site/On-site Drafting Services
  • Layout generation

Customer Testimonial

“After years of trying to adapt to canned programs without success, we teamed up with JCMB and focused on data integrity of our landbase facility and connectivity model.  After two short years, we have a database that is extremely accurate in terms of a true connected gas and electric model.  The nice part about working with JCMB: they are results-oriented, they get paid for results, not just for effort, as we have seen from standard canned programs.  Our Electric and Gas model has become one of the most strategic assets that enables our employees to deliver reliable services to our customers.  With JCMB as a partner, we can focus on the core Electric and Gas business and not so much on distribution technology projects.
Thank you JCMB”

Gary Smith
Sierra Pacific Power Co



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