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Data Collection

Data collection consist of consolidate, capture and collect data in order to update its existing Distribution Network Data Model and ultimately provide field operators with maps that accurately reflect actual field conditions of the service territory.

Whether for asset inventory verification, asset inspection or to positionning, JCMB’s collect field data and perform data maintenance. This will bridge the gap between what is currently mapped and what is required to run their operational system more effectively. As such, JCMB will provide data mapping technicians to capture and consolidate missing facilities found on paper, digital and strip map sources. As well, they will go into the field with field crew members and verify the actual devices that exist in the field, versus those mapped. JCMB technicians will reconcile discrepancies found by making the necessary changes, so that they reflect the surveyed field information.

In order to accomplish this task, JCMB’s technicians will be working with Bluetooth®-linked submeter GPS units, and Tablet PCs that will provide the accuracy required for any project. Technicians will collect the location and attributes of devices and structures.

A stringent and detailed quality control validation process will be followed in order to ensure high quality in both the accuracy and the consolidation of the data. JCMB’s deliverables undergo detailed conformance testing prior to customer acceptance. In this case, for example, complete traces will be run in order to rule-out Parallels, De-energized or Loop sections.

all unmapped sources will be mapped and every device surveyed, including the captured GPS location, will be available in their Data model. A complete, accurate Distribution Network Model will be delivered.



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