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Data Conversion

JCMB is dedicated to the creation and management of accurate Distribution Network Models which allows utilities to enhance the service they provide to their own customers, as well as reduce their Operating and Maintenance costs.

JCMB has surpassed other “mainstream” Data Conversion vendors by applying advanced software technology to our Data Conversion system. Teaming-up with JCMB means our customers will benefit from years of Data expertise that includes the following:

Data Experience.
JCMB has connected every conceivable configuration of electric distribution Data that spans GIS, Mobile Computing, New Construction Design, SCADA and OMS deployment. With over 10 million customers processed, JCMB’s Data deliveries include a formal Certificate of Conformance… our Data Guarantee

Data Foresight. JCMB is aware and sensitive to the Data requirements of fault-intolerant systems like Outage Management. These critical Data considerations go far beyond the mapping strategy. Coordinating application-specific Data dependencies at the project’s initial stages means the right content, connectivity and Model requirements are in place and ready to drive upstream systems on-demand.

Data Quality. JCMB’s project commitment assures that Data Quality is achieved well before the target application’s testing and troubleshooting begins (a critical time when most Data issues arise). An accurate and complete reference Dataset is vital to achieving consistent results from the target platform.

Data Integrity. JCMB assists customers with the strategy required to maintain and improve their Data Integrity – beyond system deployment. The long term goal is to achieve relative symmetry with the actual real-time status of the Distribution Network.

Data Intelligence. JCMB builds a Data Model not merely a Map. Our Data strategy spawned tools with built-in Data validation and enhancement rules that allow for high-fidelity modeling of complex devices. 

Dedication and Reliability.
JCMB is committed to expanding it’s role beyond the Data Conversion vendor. This is the first step in assisting our customers with the entire Distribution Operations Technology endeavor.

In-House Production Facility
We have an in-house Data Processing group that is specialized in network map conversions. They deliver product Data that is correctly captured and map information that is verified and corrected for connectivity and device operation.

Our newly-built Data Processing Center, located on the south shore of Montreal, operates 24 hours a day/ 7-days a week. Our technicians work on multiple shifts to ensure that even the largest projects are completed in a timely manner. All our Data Processing is done in-house, there is no third-party or off-shore subcontractor involved. 

The expertise accumulated within the utility market over 15 years, provides our Data Processing technicians with the ability to:
  • Consolidate and convert many types of data sources  accurately and effectively
  • Capture all required device information from a centralized data warehouse
  • Implement ISO certified Quality Assurance principles*
  •  Work with GIS Data (such as Smallworld, ESRI and G/Tech)
  • Update and maintain customer Data (once converted)

*For more information regarding JCMB's ISO quality managament practices for the conversion and maintenance services we offer, refer to our News Flash, JCMB Passes ISO Certification Audit with Perfect Score.

Our staff has extensive experience performing Data conversion and preparation. They have dealt with every conceivable distribution configuration and paper map condition for companies such as: Baltimore Gas and Electric, Hydro-Quebec, NV Energy and Northeast Utilities System.

The figure that follows ilustrates a wide-screen work session converting complex underground network including all vault internals (manhole internal shown in upper right).  The end result will be transferred to GIS using
JCMB's Data Port Technology.

To date, JCMB’s Data Conversion Services have connected over 10 million electric, gas and water customers.  JCMB has mapped every inch of the Las Vegas Distribution Network right to the Casino’s meter, back in 1999. 

The following article excerpt from American City and County describes Nevada Power’s now NV Energy) winning choice with JCMB:

Technology Conducts utility performance

 We have not had a lot of complaints from customers, but we know we can do better, says Gary Hale, team leader in central mapping for NPC. Were getting something we never had here before.
The outage management system is based on an automated mapping system similar to a GIS. The system replaces the paper-based processes previously used. Rather than suffer through the high cost and long implementation times typical of traditional GIS projects, NPC chose to use industry-standard, off-the-shelf software wherever possible. By avoiding the costs of customization and extensive training time, the company will spend just $5 million to implement the system. The project will be completed in 24 months.
The cost includes hardware upgrades, software, data conversion and system integration. “We didn’t have the dollars to do a whole lot right now,” Hale says, “but the larger goal is to make sure the system is easy to apply to other situations and that its easy to add additional functions or software.”
The system will be fully implemented this year and will * significantly improve the outage management process. Call response time will be cut to within a half-hour, and the company will initiate most repairs within minutes rather than the three or four hours it might have taken using paper maps; * reduce the anticipated overtime and new hires required to handle growth; * centralize data and mapping for design, maintenance and planning departments; and * make it possible to share maps and associated data across departments. 

Creating a centrally located electronic base map was the first step in developing the automated mapping system. Before the project began, the Central Mapping Department worked from 2,500 paper maps, along with one giant base map drawn on the wall of its central mapping room. Design teams used to draw detailed, electronic designs based on work orders, and deliver them to Central Mapping, where they were hand-drawn on the appropriate paper map.
The new system allows different users to pull from the central map only the data and maps they require. Designers changes are incorporated into the central map automatically, and consistent symbology now is used for all pieces of the shared network. The system operates with Adele, a customized software package based on AutoCAD Map by San Rafael, Calif.-based Autodesk. JCMB Technology, created the software and is overseeing data conversion and installation on site.
Because of the new system, the utility has dramatically improved its internal response time, as well as its customer response time. Now we can give an estimate of how long the power will be down,” Hale says. “And, a drawing that used to take four hours to clean up or redraw by hand, now can be done in one hour in a point and click environment.”

Nevada Power Co. (NPC), covering Las Vegas and the surrounding communities, is the fastest-growing electric utility in the United States. With more than 500,000 customers spread over 485 square miles, the investor-owned utilities’ revenues are growing at a rate of 6 to 7 percent per year. In order to provide better service to its ever-expanding customer base, the utility has focused its attention on a new outage management system, which also will assist with internal monitoring.


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