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Map Book Creation

The process of creating paper maps is a very time consuming but critical step in publishing the GIS data to the different departments of the company. Some departments use paper maps as their sole source of information for the distribution network, as for others, paper maps represent a alternate method to consult the network information. In many cases, the information to be printed on the maps differs from one department to the next.

Why create map book?

For utilities, Design/As built representation and printed layouts differ. Printing layout varies between departments and most of the time, it requires displacement and repositioning of the GIS features.

  • GIS default representation is not necessarily printable as-is (overlap, overstrike, scale)
  • Hard copies are still the cheapest way to distribute maps.
  • Unplanned resources in the field need the latest GIS information available.
  • GIS is not always available in the field.

Typical map book theme

  • Overhead equipments
  • Underground equipments
  • Point of Service
  • Operation (main line, switchable device)
  • Maintenance (streetlight)
  • Inspections (Pole, Cathodic protection)
  • Civil Structures
  • Right of ways
  • Vegetation control

GIS rework or theme creation must be perform in order to print map.

Map book printing could occurs several time a year. Paper map update is not a day to day task for utility's personnel. Therefore, maintaining a high standard of quality for paper maps is difficult. JCMB's team provides a combinason of software and services to create and maintain your map book. We can create paper map layouts based on your specifications and provide quality maps for utilities who need help with this process.


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